10 Best Email Marketing Platform for Business

Email builders that are easy to use, email templates that can be personalized, and other tools like these are provided by the finest email marketing systems. Additionally, they provide sophisticated tools like automation and segmentation to support your efforts to build stronger bonds with clients and engage subscribers. To ensure that your emails are delivered, each service should have a robust infrastructure.

There are lots of Email Marketing platforms for business. Now, we discuss the top 10 Best Email Marketing platforms for business. They are:

1. Brevo


The greatest email marketing tool for expanding companies is Brevo. It offers you a full suite of sales and marketing tools and takes care of all your email marketing requirements. It is a complete CRM package. Your email marketing plan is constructed from A to Z using each feature in concert with the others.

Features of Bravo:


2. HubSpot


Between its Marketing Hub and Sales Hub (CRM), HubSpot offers email marketing tools. Tools for generating leads and increasing traffic, including emails, landing pages, social media ads, live chat, video, SEO, and content, are the main focus of The Marketing Hub.

Features of HubSpot:

CRM Database

Customized Dashboard

Ta Gmail and Outlook Integrations’ Management

Email Marketing

Built-in Analytics

ROI Analytics

Lead Capture Tools

Top-Grade Automation Tools and Workflows


With the free plan, you can save up to 1,000,000 non-marketing contacts and send up to 2,000 emails monthly. For 2,000 contacts, the Starter Marketing package has a monthly cost of $40.


Among the most widely used email providers, but also the priciest, is Mailchimp. Because of its easy-to-use interface, beginners typically begin with it before switching to more affordable Mailchimp substitutes.

With the help of expert templates and a drag-and-drop email builder, you can quickly and easily design stunning campaigns. Additionally, you can expand your audience by using predefined templates to create an infinite number of landing pages or by including pop-up signup forms on your website.

Features of Mailchimp:

Campaign creation: Mailchimp makes it easy to create and distribute email campaigns, manage subscriber lists, target customers, and generate comprehensive reports for analysis and, eventually, business expansion. The purpose of this vital customer data is to inform future messages that are more successful.

Template design: In addition to the ability to develop unique templates, subscribers can choose from a variety of pre-designed email themes.

Options that are both free and paid for: Mailchimp’s freemium plan for SMEs and startups permits sending up to 12,000 emails per month to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. Additionally, it allows you to send 2,000 emails in a single 24-hour period. As could be predicted, a variety of premium plans provide a growing number of possibilities along with customized features to assist users in getting in touch with current and potential customers.

Mobile functionality: The distribution, tracking, and analysis of email campaigns are made easier with an integrated Mailchimp mobile app for Android and iOS.

Customization: Users of the site can classify their email list to a variety of target audiences by using tools.

Online support: The platform’s customers can maximize their Mailchimp experience with the help of an educational series of written and video courses.


There is a free plan available on Mailchimp, which includes 500 contacts and 1,000 emails every month. Prices for additional features and greater limits begin at $13 for 500 contacts.


An emailing platform called ConvertKit targets online creatives like YouTubers and bloggers. Email marketing features include subject line A/B testing, list segmentation, campaign personalization with tags, and campaign personalization.

With configurable landing page layouts and signup forms meant to boost conversions, you can expand your audience. Additionally, it’s simple to set up automated material delivery after a form is filled out if you’re offering downloadable stuff as a reward.

Features of ConvertKit:

Email newsletter builder: An email template generator is easy to use and provides a wealth of customization choices. For example, you can add a countdown timer, plug in your product, or embed a video link that will be transformed into a 10-second GIF. Additionally, you receive twenty easily customizable pre-made email templates.

Email automation builder: To design customized email processes, ConvertKit’s automation builder offers a variety of trigger options, events, and actions.

Landing page and form builder: To assist in gathering email addresses and expanding your email list, ConvertKit provides a landing page builder and signup form. The builder, which is really simple, lets you use your Instagram profile and in-product photos from Unsplash. It’s helpful if you want to make a simple landing page with an embedded signup form, but you should search for other options if you want to make more engaging landing pages.


There is a free plan available on Mailchimp, which includes 500 contacts and 1,000 emails every month. Prices for additional features and greater limits begin at $13 for 500 contacts.


Another email marketing provider that caters to novice needs is MailerLite. Their drag-and-drop email campaign editor allows you to construct any type of campaign. Additionally, you can use their website builder to design an entire website, landing pages specifically for email subscribers, and even email list expansion. Emails intended for transactions can be sent via MailerSend, a third party.

Additionally, MailerLite provides email automation and behavior-based customization. Emails about abandoned carts are accessible for WooCommerce and Shopify stores. Segmentation and contact management are also addressed.

Features of MailerLite:

Drag-and-drop email template builder: One of the greatest drag-and-drop email editor available is MailerLite, which also provides a ton of customization options. You have the choice to code your email using its HTML editor, make a visually appealing email, or use a basic text-based email.

Email automation: You may create distinct email series based on several triggers with MailerLite’s email automation journey builder.

Landing page builder: With a plethora of features, like embedded pop-ups, polls, quizzes, and payment integrations, MailerLite has an incredible landing page builder. You can create up to 10 landing pages with this pricing, even if you’re on the free plan.

Form Builder: You can construct three types of forms with MailerLite’s user-friendly form builder: pop-ups, embedded forms, and promotional messaging.


You can send 12,000 emails a month to 1,000 contacts with the free plan. $10 a month is the starting price for paid plans for 500 users.


Klaviyo mostly serves e-commerce sites. It offers sophisticated email and SMS features to marketers who want to boost sales. They have a user-friendly editor and pre-made, responsive templates. Dynamic blocks and product recommendations can be used to customize emails.

Emails, automation, and segmentation can be facilitated by using Klaviyo’s tracking of website interactions and events. Every customer’s information is stored in separate CRM profiles, which allow you to learn more about your customers.

Features of Klaviyo:

Email campaign builder: A simple drag-and-drop template builder is available in Klaviyo. It contains every functionality you need to write and send interesting emails. Templates can be made in three different ways: Upload your HTML code and use an HTML email editor or a plain-text editor.

Email marketing automation: For various email campaign objectives, there are 61 preset emails and e-commerce flows available. Shopify is used as a trigger in most flows, which makes it simple for e-commerce firms to send out targeted email series.

Sign-up form builder: You may create four different kinds of forms with Klaviyo’s form builder: fly-out, embedded, full-page, and pop-up. Their template library contains 60 readymade templates that you may filter based on the kind of form and the objectives you wish to accomplish. Using Klaviyo’s free plan does not prevent you from accessing any of these forms.


For 250 contacts, the free plan includes 500 emails each month. The monthly cost of a paid subscription for 500 contacts is $20.


The email marketing platform from AWeber includes some useful tools for novices. In addition to an enormous collection of email templates and a drag-and-drop editor, the platform provides an AI-powered design aid. This tool creates email newsletter templates for your company that are automatically on-brand based on information from your website and social media profiles.

Features of AWeber:

Drag-and-drop email template builder: The email template editor offered by AWeber appears to be rather simple and unintuitive. The editor didn’t have a clear option, thus it was challenging to change the email’s overall color, text size, and dimension.

Landing page builder: AWeber’s landing page builder facilitates email list growth and product sales. You can construct and include an inline form or pop-up on the landing page to accomplish this.

Signup form builder: A signup form can be made for your website or added to your landing page.


Up to 500 subscribers can get 3,000 emails per month with the free plan. After that, the pro version’s monthly cost is $14.99.


The email marketing platform offered by ActiveCampaign is but one aspect of its comprehensive marketing features.

Using contact information to personalize emails is made simple by the program. Additionally, you may split-test as many as five distinct email versions to determine which content works best. To determine whether emails are likely to end up in spam, there is also an integrated spam tester.

Segment your audience using information such as contacts’ email activity to send more relevant messages. Even website tracking tools are available to gather information on contacts’ page visits and other behaviors while they are on the site.

Features of ActiveCampaign:

Email segmentation: Given that your company is internet-based, we assume that the target market for your website is broad and has a range of demographics. And that could make the lead nurturing process more difficult overall.

Marketing automation: ActiveCampaign’s key unique selling proposition (USP) is deemed to be marketing automation.

Social and behavioral data in CRM: The basis of client relationship management is personalization. Because of this, up to 96% of marketers firmly believe that it works well to cultivate a rapport with their leads.


Monthly fees for up to 1,000 members begin at $39


A comprehensive email marketing platform is among the marketing tools that GetResponse offers small businesses.

With the use of the platform’s drag-and-drop editor and collection of expertly created email templates, creating beautifully branded emails is simple.  Gather consumer behavior and interest data, then utilize effective segmentation methods to make your email messages more tailored. Alternatively, use marketing automation to automatically identify and score contacts to send out customized emails.

Features of GetResponse:

Dashboard: The dashboard on GetResponse provides a summary of the success of your business and has shortcuts for frequently used functions. It is possible to add, remove, and rearrange the widgets that make up the dashboard. These are a few of the GetResponse widgets.

Data Integration and Storage: GetResponse is a tool you may use to gather and save customer data. Implementing trigger emails, segmenting content, and tailoring it all depend on this data. We examine GetResponse’s data fields and provide an overview of importing clients and information below.


Sending unlimited emails to 500 recipients is part of the free plan. The monthly cost of a paid plan for 1,000 customers is $19.

Constant Contact

More than simply email, Constant Contact is a comprehensive marketing platform. There are many different free email templates available with its emailing service. A solution for automatically creating your own branded themes based on your Facebook page or website is also available.

Features of Constant Contact:

Landing Pages: With the help of Constant Contact’s user-friendly landing page builder, anyone with no prior design or coding knowledge can create a landing page. It makes use of a drag-and-drop editor that lets users easily add blocks to their landing page—like buttons, text, and images—and then update those blocks.

Analytics and Reports: The analytics and reporting capability will be a useful tool for data-driven marketing teams and companies to track and comprehend the effectiveness of their email campaigns and digital marketing initiatives. It monitors the open, bounce, and share rates of each automatically sent email.


Although there isn’t a free plan, expensive subscriptions come with chat and email assistance in addition to almost limitless emails. For up to 500 subscribers, the monthly price starts at $12 and goes higher as you have more connections.

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