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10 Best Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

by Walter
10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Platforms for communication are in high demand. The communication software market, currently valued at $1 billion, is projected to expand at a 10.3% annual growth rate (CAGR) worldwide by 2031.

Businesses nowadays have a plethora of possibilities to improve communication in line with this enormous development. This can complicate the process of selecting the best platform.

We’ve put together this guide to make things easier for you: it covers the many kinds of communication software, useful selection criteria, how to get the most out of the platform, and, of course, ten top platforms for almost every kind of business.

A communication platform: what is it?

A communication platform is a piece of software that facilitates real-time phone, video, and instant messaging between organizations and individuals. The ability to share screens and transmit files also helps in communication. These platforms, which are essential in today’s workplace, improve internal processes like information flows and teamwork as well as interactions between employees and customers.

Pay-as-you-go communication platforms as a service (CPaaS) are available for download or online access. Another option are self-hosted platforms, which you control entirely on your own servers and don’t require any outside software.

Your business needs will determine which platform is best for you, but cloud-based CPaaS makes your data available whenever and wherever there’s an internet connection. Businesses are turning more and more to cloud-based solutions as they seek for increased adaptability, compatibility, and usability.

Communication Software Types

Different kinds of collaboration are made possible by communication systems. These are a few of the most popular software types that are used in offices worldwide.

  • Applications for Instant Messaging : Customers and businesses like to communicate via instant messaging. Brosix and other business instant messaging apps offer the typical features of group chats, audio and video calling, and direct text messaging on private platforms that are intended for the workplace to facilitate safe, in-the-moment employee communication.
  • Cooperation Instruments : Numerous collaborative processes and activities, including as project management, document management and storage, task and time tracking, intranet and information sharing, and more, are made easier by collaboration technologies.
  • Using video conferences : Organizations may hold online conferences, seminars, and meetings thanks to video conferencing software. Employees communicate in virtual rooms where they may share, comment, record, and view one other’s screens in real time.
  • Relationship Management with Customers: Software for managing customer relationships (CRM) gathers pertinent client data, such as contact details, transaction histories, and contacts with the company, into a central hub. CRMs facilitate efficient communication and prompt client service for sales and call center representatives.
  • Technical Assistance: Tech support software provides help desk staff with a platform for both internal and external IT support, including the ability to communicate with customers via live chat or remote desktop access.

How to Select the Best Communication Platforms for Business

Because different platforms have different functionalities, you must consider use cases specific to your industry. Nevertheless, the following standards are generally acknowledged.

  • Features: You’ll need features like phone and video calling, broadcasting message capabilities, and real-time instant messaging to improve communication. Demonstrating intricate procedures and identifying instances requires the use of screen sharing with remote desktop and instantaneous capture capabilities. Finally, think about the available control options. For efficient communication, it’s crucial to have control over contacts, user access to features, and group chat rooms.
  • User-friendly: Every employee utilizing the program should be able to collaborate and be more productive with a communication platform. A low learning curve, sufficient support tutorials, and extra resources to acquaint users with features and capabilities are necessary for optimal usability.
  • Cross-device and cross-browser compatibility: A communication platform is worthless if consumers are unable to use it on the devices of their choice, therefore ensure that it is designed to work with a variety of browsers, operating systems, and mobile and desktop versions.
  • Security and Privacy: Not all software as a service approaches security in the same way. Look for comprehensive standards like peer-to-peer communication channels, end-to-end encryption, and anti-virus integration to safeguard your company. Select private networks with strong management features, such as the ability to configure specific data security levels, and tight user authorization protocols.
  • Cost: For your company, compare the costs of the features and the use cases for each. Make sure staff members are utilizing the collaboration tools and integrations for which you are paying extra. In the alternative, you can be wasting money.

How to Utilize Your Communication Platform to the Fullest

Purchasing a communication platform is the first step; however, its effect on your company will depend on how you use it. Think about these suggestions.

  • Avoid using too much software. While employing many tools may be important, doing so too often can complicate workflows and impede clear communication. Select platforms that are all-in-one and offer a multitude of features instead.
  • Integrate with applications that you now use, like antivirus and third-party software.
  • Don’t overlook the characteristics of administrative control. Productivity can rise dramatically when workplaces are customized to meet the demands of individual employees and businesses.
  • Think about platforms that enable you to interact with clients externally by providing tools like video conferencing, remote access, and live chat.

Try Brosix out if you’re having trouble deciding on a platform. Brosix is an effective instant messaging tool for organizations that streamlines daily operations by bringing control, communication, and collaboration together on a single platform. Get a demo now.

The Top 10 Software and Platforms for Communication

  1. Brosix
  2. Dropbox
  3. Google Drive
  4. Flickr
  5. YouTube
  6. Microsoft 365
  7. GoToMeeting
  8. Zoom
  9. Confluence
  10. Jira

1. Brosix

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

For businesses, Brosix is an all-in-one instant messaging solution that blends control, cooperation, and communication.

Together with Brosix’s range of collaboration tools, rich real-time messaging services like text and group chat, broadcast messages, phone and video calling, are available. Take instant snapshots, send an infinite number of files, and share your screen with others to allow desktop access.

To control platform access, who can communicate with whom, and user access to features, make use of the powerful administrative tools. You can communicate with clients on your website by using a live chat plugin.

Every Brosix Network is encrypted end-to-end for safe collaboration. Brosix simplifies daily business operations by being completely functional across a variety of devices and operating systems.

Benefits of Brosix

  • Enhanced Security: With features like data protection, user permission controls, and encrypted communication routes, Brosix places a high priority on security. For companies handling sensitive data, this is essential.
  • Simplified Collaboration: Brosix is more than simply a texting app. With the help of its functions, which include whiteboards, file and screen sharing, and more, teams may collaborate easily on projects.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for extra collaboration software and substituting standard phone calls, Brosix may lower communication expenses.
  • Increased Transparency: Decisions may be made more quickly and information can flow freely in a more transparent work environment when there is instant communication.
  • Enhanced Camaraderie: With features like group chats and video calls, Brosix can assist in bridging geographical distances and strengthening team ties.

2. Dropbox

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Dropbox is an application for managing content in the cloud. Employees may more quickly collaborate on files with the use of drag and drop tools, which also speed up file sharing and storage. Using the roles, comments, and feedback features simplifies document management and communication for businesses using the Dropbox platform.

Benefits of Dropbox

Mobility: Use any device, anyplace, to access your data.
Backup: Prevents unintentional file destruction, equipment malfunctions, and other calamities.
Sharing: Easily distribute folders and files to other people.
Cooperation: Work on files in real time with other people.
Offline access: Continue working on your files even when there’s no internet.

3. Google Drive

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Google Drive is an additional cloud storage option that enables real-time document collaboration and file and folder sharing. Drive is a flexible platform for working together on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more since it syncs across devices. You can find your friends there, too, as there are over 1 billion members and 15GB of free storage available.

Benefits of Google Drive

  • Storage and accessibility: Safely save your files in the cloud and use any internet-connected device to access them.
  • Cooperation: Easily exchange files and collaborate in real-time with others on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Use: Google’s robust search engine to locate the files you require quickly.
  • Free storage: To get you started, enjoy 15 GB of free storage.
  • Integration with other Google services: Gmail and Google Photos, for example, integrate with other Google services with ease.

4. Flickr

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Flickr is an online photo and video sharing platform. Flickr offers a central location with download and link sharing options for businesses that use a lot of multimedia information. This makes it simple for designers, marketers, and communications specialists to collaborate.

Benefits of Flickr

  • Storage and sharing options: Include uploading and sharing your images with the public, family, and friends. You receive a huge quantity of free photo storage space.
  • Community of photographers: Make connections with photographers of all levels. Participate in debates, exchange techniques, and get feedback.
  • Tools for organization: Use collections, tags, and albums to arrange your pictures.
  • Advanced features: Choose from a variety of license choices, modify privacy settings, and manage who may view your images.
  • Discover: Look through a huge selection of images on nearly any subject. Discover new locations, get inspired, and get a different perspective on the world.

5. YouTube

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

You can watch videos on YouTube in moderation. It’s essential for communicating your multimedia material, exhibiting your items, proving your expertise, and building a personal connection with clients.

Benefits of YouTube

  • Free to use: YouTube is open to a wide audience because it is free to watch and upload videos.
  • Broad audience: With billions of users, YouTube gives producers the chance to get in front of a big audience and develop a following.
  • Opportunities for monetization: Sponsorships, brand agreements, and advertising are some ways that creators might make money.
  • Learning & education: YouTube offers a huge selection of instructional videos covering nearly every subject under the sun.
  • Building community: By interacting with viewers via likes, comments, and live streaming, creators can help to create a strong feeling of community.
  • Versatility: From little snippets to lengthy films and documentaries, YouTube accommodates a broad variety of video formats.

6. Microsoft 365

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

A collection of productivity tools are available on a single platform with Microsoft 365. Popular programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available in a variety of enterprise options, along with business-class email, cloud-based file sharing and storage, and a SharePoint intranet for managing internal news and knowledge.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • All-inclusive toolkit: Provides a vast array of functions beyond the standard Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), such as cloud storage, email, teamwork tools, and more.
  • Flexibility and accessibility: You may use the majority of devices to access your files and apps at any time and from any location.
  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration: Teams may collaborate more successfully when they use tools like Teams and SharePoint.
  • Security: To help safeguard your data, Microsoft 365 provides cutting-edge security measures.
  • Economical: strategy based on subscriptions that may be less expensive than buying standard software licenses.

7. GoToMeeting

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

All the tools businesses need to conduct cooperative meetings with teams, consumers, clients, or other businesses are available with GoToMeeting. Businesses may use the online meeting service to have meetings for up to 3,000 people at any time, from any location, using mobile devices. They can also record meetings, share desktop displays, switch presenters, and annotate and draw on sessions.

Benefits of GoToMeeting

  • Simple to Use: It’s well-known for having an easy-to-use interface that makes setting up and joining meetings fast.
  • High-quality audio and video: GoToMeeting provides clear communication thanks to its HD video and crystal-clear audio.
  • Collaboration features: Utilize additional tools, interact with attendees, and share screens to collaborate productively during meetings.
  • Accessibility: Attend meetings on practically any device, from anywhere.
  • Security: Use tools like encryption and secure logins to keep your meetings private.
  • Scalability: GoToMeeting provides a range of plans to meet the requirements of companies of different sizes.

8. Zoom

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Zoom’s appeal has skyrocketed. The video chatting and conferencing tool allowed people to stay in touch with loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak and allowed students to continue their distance learning. Zoom may be used by businesses as well for scheduling calls, conducting meetings, dividing rooms into breakout areas, side chat, sharing and annotating screens, and recording calls locally or over the cloud.

Benefits of Zoom

  • Usability: Zoom is renowned for having an easy-to-use interface that even non-technical users can use to set up, join, and manage meetings.
  • Affordability: Zoom offers subscription plans with more functionality for corporations or bigger groups, in addition to a free plan with basic services.
  • Video conferencing: Encourage face-to-face communication even when you’re far away by organizing excellent video conferences with people or groups.
  • Collaboration tools: During meetings, real-time collaboration is made possible by screen sharing, annotations, and virtual whiteboards.
  • Accessibility: Zoom functions flawlessly on a wide range of gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Big gatherings: Zoom can support up to 500 people for a single conference, depending on the plan.

9. Confluence

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency

Atlassian Confluence is an intranet platform that centralizes internal documents and product requirements for your business. The corporate wiki divides material into Spaces, which house pages for individuals, teams, and strategic projects, and Pages, which staff members can edit and comment on. You can create a unique knowledge base with the use of templates, user-level permissions, and customized feeds.

Benefits of Confluence

  • Centralized knowledge base: Confluence eliminates disparate emails and documents by establishing a single source of truth for company information. This facilitates everyone’s search for the information they require.
  • Enhanced cooperation: Groups can view revision histories, collaborate in real time on papers, and provide comments. Better communication and information sharing are promoted by this.
  • Increased productivity: Confluence can help staff members save time and complete tasks more quickly by centralizing information and simplifying communication.
  • Remote-friendly: Confluence papers are simple for teams operating in multiple places to access and contribute on.

10. Jira

10 Communication Platforms That Are Essential for Improving Teamwork and Business Efficiency


Jira is a project management and issue tracking tool that is another Atlassian platform. With complete visibility from the Kanban board, an agile ticketing system helps you manage problem fixes, monitor progress, and record feature requests from clients. Confluence and Jira can be integrated to improve communication inside your company and unite the team in providing customer support.

Benefits of Jira

  • Enhanced visibility and organization: Jira facilitates the tracking of tasks, defects, and projects in one place, making progress visible to all.
  • Improved cooperation: Members of the team can exchange files, talk about tasks, and be informed about project updates.
  • Enhanced productivity: Jira frees up time for more crucial work by automating repetitive chores and workflows.
  • Improved decision-making: Teams can make well-informed decisions by utilizing the insights provided by robust reporting and analytics.
  • Scalability: Jira may be tailored to meet the requirements of both small and big groups.


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