Top 07 AI Content Writing Tools

Top 07 AI Content Writing Tools

Marketers, small businesses, and content writers have been searching for an AI content creation solution to lighten their workloads ever before OpenAI’s ChatGPT was released.

Although ChatGPT has been utilized for many purposes, such as financial planning, dietary counseling, and creating AI-generated social media content, it is not the only tool available.

Numerous AI content generating tools are available with sophisticated features that assist with creating product descriptions, blogging, conducting keyword research, and even analyzing previously published content. If you don’t know where to begin, it can all seem too much.

Thankfully, we have completed our assignments so you won’t have to. The top 13 AI writing tools will be discussed here, along with features, benefits, drawbacks, reviews, and costs.

What Qualities Should an AI Writing Tool Have?

Large language models (LLMs) are the foundation of writing tools for artificial intelligence (AI). Large volumes of data are used to train LLMs utilizing self-supervised machine learning and natural language processing techniques. For example, OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 was trained using 300 billion words.

Artificial intelligence models are released once they have been trained. By entering “prompts” (much like you would with search engines to locate keywords), anyone can use them, and the AI technologies will produce material and generate responses. Thus, the name “generative AI.”

The following characteristics ought to be included in the AI authoring program you select:

  • Tools derived from LLMs: When it comes to language models, size counts. For content writing, use ChatGPT or similar-sized machine learning base models. If not, even thorough prompts will result in spam and subpar material.
  • Many options for text outputs: Any AI writing program should allow you to modify the language, style, tone, and material that it produces.
  • An easily navigable online application: AI content writing tools need to facilitate rather than complicate your work. Choose one that is just as cozy as any program you now use from a marketing firm. It ought to function as an AI writing support system rather than a substitute author.
  • Reasonably priced for the content you produce: Since the market for generative AI software and technology is expanding swiftly, costs are likely to fluctuate as new features are created. However, if you’re utilizing an AI writing tool to produce ideas or condense texts, you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Top 07 AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools can improve your writing process and cut down on time-consuming, repetitive writing activities, such as summarizing your most recent campaign, creating sales letters, or coming up with ideas for blog posts, whether you are a business owner, content writer, or member of a marketing team.

The top 07 AI authoring tools are listed below, along with all the information you require.

  1. Rytr
  2. Simplified
  3. Narrato
  4. WordAI
  5. ai
  6. Speedwrite
  7. QuillBot

1. Rytr


Ideal for Producing Content

Rytr is an AI writing tool designed primarily for content writers, SEOs, and copywriters. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API.

So instead of using Chat GPT, why not use Rytr or any other AI authoring platform? The fact that the AI-powered writing assistant comes with built-in prompts and templates for more than 40 use cases—from crafting blog post briefs to producing Facebook Ad copy or social media posts—is one of its benefits.

Best attributes of Rytr

  • Compose in more than 30 languages and employ more than 20 tones and styles.
  • When you compose articles and modify the text outputs, look for plagiarism.
  • Generate graphics using AI based on prompts
  • Benefit from a premium subscription to create personalized use cases for content creation.

Rytr constraints

  • Our study and reviews indicate that it is not as effective as other AI writing aids.
  • Word count restrictions apply to the AI writing tool, even with the unlimited account.

Rytr’s cost

  • No cost scheme
  • Plan for saving: $9 a month or $90 annually
  • Unlimited plan: $290 year or $29 monthly

2. Simplified


Ideal for Simplifying the Writing Process

Simplified is a prominent player in the AI writing and content production app market, boasting over a million users and numerous G2 awards. You can produce excellent writing for landing pages, product descriptions, and blog posts with the AI writer suite. This program is included in the list of top artificial intelligence writing tools since it can be used for different forms, such as graphic design, social media scheduling, and video editing.

Best attributes of Simplified AI Writer

  • More than fifty templates for various content creation types
  • Configure it to generate short- or long-form material in more than 30 languages and 10 tones.
  • Make new uses for your published material with the AI-driven Rewriter Tool.

Simplified restrictions

  • Text outputs aren’t all that much better than ChatGPT-4 because it uses their API; nonetheless, there are restrictions on the maximum number of team members (five) for each pricing plan.
  • 1GB of storage is allotted in the free edition, and 500GB is available in the most expensive subscription.

Simplified costs

  • No cost scheme
  • Small team: five users for $30 a month
  • Business: $50 monthly for five users
  • Growth: $125 monthly for five users
  • For price, contact Simplified as an enterprise or agency.

3. Narrato


Greatest for Help with Creative Writing

Narrato is a relative newcomer to the writing AI tools space, despite not being in the content marketing space. With this AI solution for content writing and copywriting, content managers and SEO specialists can create briefs, assign them to writers, and manage the content pipeline through the Narrato Marketplace.

Best attributes of Narrato

  • Tools for managing content marketing projects
  • 24-48-hour turnaround times, affordable rates, and an infinite number of changes
  • Integrated plagiarism detector for content generation

Narrato restrictions

  • AI tools’ content outputs don’t always meet expectations.
  • Limit of 76,000 words per month for the plagiarism detector

Narrato cost

  • Pro: Up to five users for $65 per month
  • Company: $125 monthly (for a maximum of 5 users)
  • Custom: Get a price from Narrato.

4. WordAI


Ideal for Generating Natural Language

WordAI is an AI copywriting tool that may help you produce more content by rewriting, restructuring, and rephrasing sentences and text portions in a variety of contexts, including sales pitches, product descriptions, and online copy. With its natural language generating capabilities, it can generate up to 1,000 SEO rewrites from a single piece of material.

WordAI’s best attributes

  • Designed to stop the identification and duplication of artificial intelligence
  • An entire piece can be swiftly rewritten using a content creation platform.
  • Editorial settings let you decide how closely you want to stick to the original material.

WordAI’s restrictions

  • There are few evaluations, most of which refer to WordAI as a tool for rephrasing or spinning information.
  • Restricted ability to modify and exert control for authors and editors

WordAI cost

  • Monthly: $57 each month
  • Monthly: $27 (paid on an annual basis)
  • Enterprise: Speak with WordAI


Best for Copywriting Driven by AI is another relatively newcomer to the AI content writing scene. With the correct prompts and inputs, it should generate a respectable blog and copywriting drafts because it is built on ChatGPT-4 API access.

With templates for creating emails, social media text, articles, and more, this AI content generator and writing helper promises to produce high-quality material in a matter of seconds. Just select from a variety of long- and short-form copy tools, and the tool will suggest suitable text and style based on your selection.

Best attributes of

  • A library of templates to use in creating blog summaries and writer briefs
  • Higher security levels are beneficial for enterprise organizations who are concerned about data compliance. restrictions

  • According to recent reviews, the service abruptly switches from ChatGPT-4 to GPT-3 after a short while, which lowers the caliber of responses.
  • Numerous reviews complain that it’s hard to cancel subscriptions and that customer service inquiries go unanswered. costing

  • No cost: 2,000 words or more every month
  • Pro: Unlimited words at $49 a month (restricted to one user)
  • Enterprise: Get pricing by contacting

6. Speedwrite


Greatest for Verifying Plagiarism

Rewriting is made easier using Speedwrite, an AI writing assistance. Its purpose is to rewrite any given material while maintaining the text’s original meaning.

Best attributes of Speedwrite

  • Without plagiarism content: Rewording and paraphrasing preexisting language contributes to the creation of original content.
  • Thorough summaries summarizes long paragraphs succinctly without missing important details
  • Mass production of content lets users to rewrite several articles at once, which reduces the time needed for manual rewrites.

Speedwrite restrictions

  • Restricted variety it frequently utilizes the same set of synonyms, which results in a vocabulary that is restricted.
  • Using the passive voice excessively may frequently change active sentences during the rewriting process to passive construction.
  • Must be proofread: Despite content rewriting, the result frequently needs human proofreading and editing

Speedwrite costing

  • Monthly free: $7.99
  • Semi-Annual: $39.95
  • Yearly: $59.95

7. QuillBot


Ideal for Easing Complicated Information

An AI text generating and paraphrase tool for both short- and long-form writing is called QuillBot. You can use it to summarize or paraphrase a document, article, or anything else you provide it; it won’t create any new content.

This straightforward web program might assist you in avoiding plagiarism. The paraphrased text has been color-coded to make it easier for you to monitor written word changes, which will benefit your team’s novice writers.

QuillBot’s best attributes

  • Seven modes that establish the modification’s intent or tone
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven thesaurus to identify and replace overused terms

QuillBot restrictions

  • Users may have to spend more time troubleshooting technical issues.
  • Even with paid subscriptions, a monthly cap on the amount of words and pages

QuillBot cost

  • Free Premium: $19.95/month for one user
  • Team: $7.50 per writer each month (five users required at minimum)

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