Best 05 LinkedIn Tools for Digital Marketing

Best 05 LinkedIn Tools for Digital Marketing

The Best LinkedIn Tools: What Makes Them?

The finest LinkedIn tools are those that assist you in creating a polished LinkedIn profile, interacting with your audience through relevant material, and connecting with other professionals and brands.

Among the qualities that distinguish the top LinkedIn tools are:

  • Utilizing lead prospecting to locate and target potential clients
  • To assist you in planning and publishing material on your LinkedIn feed, set up automation.
  • Metrics like as engagement and campaign progression
  • Set up automated drip marketing for prospective clients.
  • Compile and create an email list.
  • Evaluation of prospective and current employees’ personalities

Why Are LinkedIn Tools Necessary?

With over 600 million people utilizing the social media platform, LinkedIn is a great place to expand your professional network, which is why LinkedIn tools are so vital.

Simply put, LinkedIn features are meant to assist you in making the most of LinkedIn.

Need LinkedIn tools to:

Establish Your Brand

  • If you want to succeed, developing your brand is essential. Some devote weeks to creating a website, and yet more time to optimizing it for user interaction.
  • It takes money to have a personal website. If you want it to succeed, quite a bit.In this case, LinkedIn is useful. You can achieve similar results with less money squandered if you have a professional photo, a well-written LinkedIn description, and a profile that highlights your experience and expertise.
  • A well-crafted and visually appealing LinkedIn profile demonstrates your professionalism to prospective clients and business partners, inspires people to take your brand seriously, and helps you establish credibility.

Boost Your Brand or Company’s Position in Google Search Results

  • Even though your name is well-known, what comes up when someone searches for you on Google?
  • Look at the picture up above. My website appears first on a Google search for “Shane Barker,” followed by an Instagram sample and my LinkedIn page.
  • LinkedIn might be useful for business professionals who might not think to reach out to people on Instagram initially. This makes it easier for anyone who wants to collaborate with me to discover me on LinkedIn.
  • Investigate Staff Members and Prospective Clientele

LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals in any industry looking to boost their brand. It also provides a means for you to review the professional backgrounds of possible hires.

LinkedIn offers background data such as:

  • Experience in the field
  • Location
  • Age
  • Education
  • Prior work experience
  • Skill sets

Additionally, you can locate possible clients and suppliers by using LinkedIn’s lead creation features. These tools look up LinkedIn connections that could be considering your brand.

Their location, age, gender, hobbies, and/or abilities could all be factors in this.

Become Up to Date on Industry News

  • Like other social media sites, LinkedIn features a feed where content is posted by users you follow.
  • Due to the likelihood that your brand profile will connect you with other individuals and businesses in related niches, posts related to that specialty should appear in your LinkedIn feed.
  • As a result, you’ll always be aware of the hottest rumors circulating among rivals, media sources, and followers.

Make Connections with Like-Minded Professionals

  • Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the most significant social media site for connecting with business professionals.
  • LinkedIn can be used to create a network of reliable suppliers, consumers, workers, and sources. LinkedIn even offers management solutions to assist in locating clients and staff.

How to Pick the Greatest Tools for LinkedIn

What you need the LinkedIn tools for will determine which ones are the best. While there are some all-in-one solutions, these tools are mostly designed to carry out certain tasks.

For this reason, I’ve divided the list into the following four categories:

LinkedIn Automation Resources

  • These LinkedIn solutions are designed to assist you in automating specific parts of your LinkedIn marketing plan or LinkedIn itself.
  • This could include locating leads, creating an email list, scheduling postings and content on your feed, and automating messaging.

Engaging Tools on LinkedIn

  • You may interact with your audience, prospective prospects, and other business experts more effectively by using engagement technologies.
  • These tools often monitor campaign performance based on the quantity of clicks, likes, comments, impressions, and campaign reach.

 LinkedIn Promotional Resources

  • With the use of LinkedIn marketing tools, you may expand the audience for your profile page by managing marketing content, discovering fresh and interesting subjects and content to utilize, locating new prospects, and managing and automating campaigns.

LinkedIn Sales Resources

  • Through the management of sales funnels, prospecting of leads, automation of email lists and contacts and the provision of crucial analytics, these solutions are engineered to enhance sales.

When selecting the best LinkedIn tools, the following features should be taken into account:

  • Cost in relation to characteristics. Make sure to consider both the features and the cost of the tool before making your purchase. Additionally, be careful to evaluate the costs and features of instruments that are comparable.
  • Set of analytical features. Look for examples of the metrics and analytics that a tool may track and display for lead prospecting. Although this capability isn’t available in all LinkedIn products, lead prospecting is a crucial step in finding potential clients if B2B sales are your main priority.
  • Storing a contact list. The fundamentals of these contact lists are that they can have some data on present and prospective leads, whether they be suppliers or customers. These lists will vary depending on the instrument. Creating an email list as part of these lists could potentially be utilized to later create sales funnels.
  • The characteristics of automation also vary throughout tools. By putting up automatic emails and messaging, certain automation technologies can assist with reaching out to possible leads. Some use filters to sort out possible leads based on their LinkedIn profile information in order to automate lead generating.

List of 05 Best LinkedIn Tools in Digital Marketing

  1. Dripify
  3. Planable
  4. LeadGrabber Pro
  5. LeadFuze


1. Dripify



Dripify is a sophisticated lead generating and automation application for LinkedIn. In only a few minutes, customers may create their own sales funnel. It allows you to delegate most tasks to the software. In order to increase LinkedIn prospecting and close more sales more quickly, it also provides a number of other capabilities.

We are all aware of LinkedIn’s advantages. But the majority of us don’t utilize social media to its full potential. Dripify, thankfully, arrived to simplify LinkedIn prospecting.

With the use of this LinkedIn automation tool, I was able to automate multiple tasks for myself by creating numerous drip campaigns. Furthermore, I can interact with prospects on LinkedIn like never before thanks to this. Its user-friendly layout and simplicity are particularly appealing to me. The best part is that using this LinkedIn automation tool doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy. The Advanced Analytics option was one more feature that really caught my attention. I may view both my teammates’ and my own most crucial LinkedIn success metrics.

Important Elements

  • Automation of marketing
  • Campaign oversight
  • Creating and maintaining leads
  • Examining activity on LinkedIn
  • Message application to assist with inbox management and automated message sending
  • Group leadership
  • Intricate dashboard
  • Most widely used tools are integrated with an advanced safety algorithm.


  • Basic: $39 per month
  • Advantage: $59 a month
  • Advance: $79 per month

Using the LinkedIn marketing tool, you can link your profile to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. In order to gain you more clicks, it will then display material in front of clients who would be most interested.

With LinkedIn, you can also obtain more detailed information on a person by utilizing this Chrome extension. A “green” mark that appears on their profile gives you access to their Facebook and Twitter information. This further information helps expedite the process of determining their pertinence to your enterprise. One of the best LinkedIn features for determining the worth of the individuals in your professional network is this tools.

Important Elements

  • Use Gmail to locate social profiles.
  • Look up social media profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Save and obtain contact details.
  • IT’s free


  • is available without charge.




Planable is all about teamwork on social media. Its purpose is to unite teams behind a single, user-friendly platform.

Processes that would often take much longer are streamlined by its easy design, which keeps everything content-related. With permission settings, planning, scheduling, and publication can be coordinated. This implies that scheduling numerous updates for all of your connected social media accounts at once will be simple. Before clicking “post,” you can review each to make sure everything looks fantastic. Unfortunately, Planable does not offer statistics or report choices. As a result, you will need to use another platform for metrics while utilizing Planable only for content creation and publication.

Important Elements

  • Publication that is automated
  • Management of content
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Multi-user cooperation
  • Following the appointment


  • Basic Free: $13/month/user
  • Advantage: $26 per user per month

LeadGrabber Pro

LeadGrabber Pro

Getting fresh leads can take a lot of time. particularly when not much information about the individual is accessible. This is where the LeadGrabber Pro tool comes in handy.

Building lists of targeted professionals is quickest and most effective when done with this incredible LinkedIn automation tool. It gathers contact information and saves it in an easily readable spreadsheet. Additionally, it’s simple to obtain the decision-maker’s contact information. This facilitates B2B brands’ efforts to market their products to the relevant individual. This includes locating the phone numbers and email addresses for businesses that you frequently overlook. This prospect’s contact information can be exported straight to your CRM system.

Important Elements

  • CXO Lists via LinkedIn Communities
  • Reach CXOs through Colleagues
  • LinkedIn Event Prospect Lists
  • Lookup LinkedIn IDs in reverse
  • Obtain Valid CXO Phone Number & Email


  • One-person sales force: $3495 per year for 35,000 credits
  • Small sales team: $5495 a year for 60,000 credits
  • A medium-sized sales team can purchase 100,000 credits for $8495 annually.




LeadFuze is unmatched by other solutions when it comes to LinkedIn marketing.

This lead creation service lets you find leads from its database of over 200 million professionals, which enhances your lead generation efforts. Create lead lists and have them automatically synced with outreach and CRM systems. It can deliver microtargeted leads and accurate and genuine lead information as a LinkedIn sales tool. It can also expand this list by automating the procedure, allowing you to swiftly compile a list of possible clients.                                In addition, it can verify for and eliminate duplicate leads while integrating with CRM software.

Important Elements

  • Email harvester
  • Arranged alerts
  • Tracking of lead sources
  • Lead database Lead segmentation Lead capture Visitor insight
  • Reports


  • $397/month for unlimited use; $497/month for scaling
  • They also provide quoted custom bundles.

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