Top 05 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Organizations

Top 05 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Organizations

It is now more crucial than ever for brands to have a strong social media presence in order to remain competitive, as there are over 10,000 digital agencies in the United States alone.

Using the appropriate technologies can help marketing agencies manage one or more brands by facilitating tasks like performance reporting and content generation. These tools will guarantee that you make the most of your team’s efforts and create a successful content strategy. They range from project management software to content collaboration, which allows you to plan, organize, and track every aspect of your social media workflow.

It’s time to become more active on social media. These are the top ten social media management solutions on the market right now for agencies!

Social Media Management Tools: What Are They?

Businesses and agencies can handle their social media accounts more effectively by using social media management tools.

Numerous functionalities are offered by these instruments, including:

  • Organizing and arranging posts
  • Teamwork, social media observation, analytics, and reporting
  • Campaign and project management, among other things
  • All in all, their goal is to cut down on time spent on tedious tasks so that organizations may concentrate on more important tasks.

A Good Social Media Management Tool: What Constitutes One?

The following characteristics of a good social media management tool should be present:

  • Simple User Interface
  • A calendar function providing a synopsis of content on several platforms
  • Functionalities for cooperation and feedback
  • Workflows for approval with preset or customized parameters
  • Scale-friendly and easily accessible pricing

What Makes a Social Media Management Tool Useful for Your Agency?

It can be difficult for an agency to monitor several client campaigns on several social media platforms. Agencies can handle all the necessary tasks with the help of a solid social media management platform, including data analysis, performance evaluation, client collaboration, and content creation and distribution.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s look at 05 social media management tools that will help you grow your firm.

Top 05 Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. ClickUp
  2. Planable
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Sendible
  5. Planoly

1. ClickUp


Ideal for integrated project management and group cooperation

One of the best platforms for project management and productivity is ClickUp. ClickUp’s primary purpose is to assist teams in staying on top of their workload, efficiently managing every aspect of their workflow, and achieving their objectives. It is an all-in-one project management solution.

What makes this technology beneficial for marketing organizations, then? These are some of the causes:

  • Platform with endless customization options and adaptable features: It provides a fully customizable platform, an intuitive UI, and hundreds of sophisticated features. This feature makes ClickUp ideal for any team, including social media marketing teams, since you can customize it to match your needs and fit your use case, workflow, preferences, and project requirements.
  • Project management and teamwork: ClickUp offers marketing teams cutting-edge tools for both project management and teamwork. With a suite of tools that includes ClickUp Docs for blogs, wikis, SOPs, and other documentation needs, and collaborative Whiteboards for ideation, strategy planning, and concept mapping, you may choose from over 15 custom views to arrange content marketing campaigns in your own unique way. ClickUp’s Calendar view, which allows them to organize, schedule, and manage their social media and content calendar, is also a very useful tool for social media managers and teams.
  • Permits visitors, including clients and outside teams: When it comes to interacting with clients and outside teams, agencies can extend invitations to visitors to join their Workspace and manage access levels using the Sharing and Privacy settings. Giving your clients access to ClickUp entitles you to collaborate with them inside the application and make use of tools like Proofing, which enables you to annotate PDFs, videos, and photographs to facilitate communication and expedite the approval and feedback process.
  • A collection of editable templates: ClickUp provides a collection of templates for each use case. Examples include the Modern Social Media Calendar Template and the Social Media Template for beginners, which provide a strong foundation for your ClickUp workflow. Additionally, ClickUp offers a sophisticated template called Social Media Posts Template that can assist you in creating a social media strategy and organizing all of your tasks, teams, and clients in one location!

Top qualities

  • More than fifteen personalized perspectives 15+ personalized views, such as a Calendar view, let you see your work the way you want.
  • View calendar: Create your social media material, manage your social calendar, and more all in one view.
  • Completely adaptable platform Tailor ClickUp to meet your needs. Utilize it for content management, online project management, and other purposes.
  • Proofing: Direct annotation on photos, videos, and PDFs, together with the tagging of team members or clients, can expedite the feedback and approval process.
  • Labels: To arrange your jobs by category, add custom tags.
  • Flags of priority: To make sure your team knows what to prioritize, mark your jobs as urgent, high, normal, and low.
  • Adaptable templates: For any use case, there are more than 1,000 configurable templates to select from, including content calendar templates.
  • ClickUp is accessible as a mobile app. You may access your work from anywhere at any time.
  • Capabilities for integration: Link ClickUp to more than 1,000 more productivity apps to organize all of your work in one location and improve workflow.


  • No cost plan: Indefinitely
  • Without Limits: $7 a month for each member
  • Business: $12 a month for each member
  • Business: For price, get in touch with sales.


2. Planable


Ideal for cooperative content creation

Marketing teams may plan, evaluate, approve, and collaborate on their social media material with the aid of Planable, a solution for content planning and collaboration.

Planable makes it simple to exchange post ideas with clients and colleagues and get immediate response all in one location. Teams can now develop and work together on any type of content, including product descriptions, emails, blogs, social media postings, and everything in between, according to their most recent version, Universal Content.

Planable streamlines content approval in a number of ways. Planable users can choose from four different approval workflows: Required, Optional, Multiple levels of approval, and None.The latter adds an additional degree of security by requiring postings to pass through an approval chain before to publishing and allows users to tailor their approval in whichever configuration best meets their needs. You may, for instance, require a post to go through the client’s legal process before it can be published.

The user-friendly interface of Planable facilitates seamless cooperation among diverse teams.All of the conversations on your team happen on a single platform, and you can tag other team members to initiate or evaluate content with ease. This is because comments and responses to the post in question are shown directly next to the conversations.

Additionally, there is outside cooperation. Until you are certain that the content is prepared for the client’s approval, you can set the comments and content to “internal.” Customers can choose to create a link that takes them straight to the post, which makes it very simple for them to jump right in and leave a comment with their ideas.

Planable offers the tools to expedite collaborative processes so that your campaigns perform better, regardless of whether you are a boutique marketing business or managing a large number of clients. Starting with a product launch, you may utilize Planable to synchronize information across all platforms (blogs, social media, emails, banners, etc.).

Top qualities

  • Customized and multi-level approval workflows
  • Posts can be synchronized and/or edited for social media (not accessible for universal material currently).
  • Simple and elegant calendar view
  • Your material can have customizable filters that you can save as Custom Views.
  • Five content viewing options: grid, list, feed, and calendar
  • Real-time cooperation
  • An in-app tool for altering images
  • Connectivity with the main social media networks


  • No cost scheme
  • Basic: $13 per month per user
  • A plus: $26 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Get in touch for a quote


3. Hootsuite


Ideal for reporting and content production companies

One of the most well-known and established social media management solutions available is Hootsuite. Hootsuite has established itself as a leading option for advertising companies looking to fund their social media marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite has many of the capabilities one would anticipate from a platform for social media of its kind, such as task management, performance reporting, scheduling social media posts, and monitoring. Hootsuite is an excellent option for agencies balancing performance and creatively intensive projects because of its balanced combination of reporting and project management features.

Top qualities

  • Managers are able to designate particular team members for particular social media posts.
  • Three views of the calendar (List, Week, and Month) and two subviews (by post status or social network) are available in Hootsuite’s calendar.
  • Features for thorough analytics and reporting


  • Absence of a central media library for asset sharing
  • Fewer options for collaboration in comparison to other tools

Steep costing

  • Posts have no version control.
  • Posts cannot be shared with guests pricing
  • Expert: $99 monthly; Group: $249 monthly
  • Business: $739 monthly
  • Enterprise: Get in touch for a quote

4. Sendible


Ideal for modest to medium-sized organizations

Sendible, a potent tool made to assist organizations in managing their social media accounts, is the next item on the list. A respectably broad range of services are available with Sendible, such as content calendars, automated messaging, and reporting tools. Sendible also enables real-time project collaboration between users and clients/team members.

Sendible differs from other tools in a few ways, including DM monitoring and a client dashboard. The latter streamlines team-client management quite effectively. Not to be overlooked are the integrated image editor and suggested topics.

Top qualities

  • Instead than modifying each post separately, users can synchronize and edit postings across several social networking networks.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive social media calendar
  • DM observation
  • Through Client Connect, users can link their social media accounts to the Client Dashboard without disclosing their login information.
  • Personalized approval processes for social media teams and clients


  • The mobile experience should be better.


  • Developer: $29 a month
  • Drawback: $89 a month
  • Level: $199 a month

5. Planoly


Ideal for agencies that range from medium to large

Another great option for agencies trying to streamline their social media process is Planoly. This well-known scheduling tool is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other well-known networks.

Planoly offers a straightforward visual interface to facilitate collaboration, campaign planning, performance tracking, and outcome analysis. Planoly’s collection of over seven million stock pictures, graphics, and branded typefaces also makes it simple to produce visually striking content.

Top qualities

  • Encourages In the bio, a link
  • strong, in-app TikTok video scheduler
  • allows for cross-posting across platforms (TikTok videos to YouTube clips, for instance).


  • The seven-day free trial period is all you have.
  • Planoly may be inaccessible to small agencies because to the Starter Plan’s monthly upload cap.


  • Starting price: $13 a month
  • Growth: $23 a month
  • Expert: $43 a month





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