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Year 2023: List of Most Searched Categories on Google Continued

by Walter

New York: (Web Desk) Google has released a list of the most searched categories in 2023.

Google, the largest search engine of the Internet, has released a list of things searched by Internet users of various countries of the world, including Pakistan, and the search engine releases this list every year in December.

This time Google has released a list of 8 categories related to Pakistan which include sports, events, news, movies and TV shows, personalities, cooking tips, cooking tips and technology categories.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Cricket World Cup match updates are the most sought after sports news by Pakistani internet users.

Similarly, Pakistanis searched for information related to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) most among the events.

Pakistanis also searched for how to create channels on WhatsApp the most while Pakistanis searched for information on how to apply for a Canadian visa and accessories at the second place.

Users searched for the Hollywood movie Oppenheimer the most on Google followed by Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Jawaan at the second place, Pathan at the third place and Hollywood movie Barbie at the fourth place.

In Pakistan, the most searched on Google was news related to Israeli attacks in Palestine, followed by information on the Ehsaas program, and the third most searched news and information related to the leaked video of TikToker Aliza Sahar.

In the category of personalities, Pakistanis searched the most Tik-Talker Hareem Shah on Google, while Aliza Sahar came in second, followed by Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff in third place.

In the technology category, Pakistanis searched the most for Chat GPT information, followed by the reality game show Tamasha Ghar at the second position and the Chinese smartphone Infinix Note series of phones at the third position.

Pakistanis have also been searching Google for various food recipes throughout the year and surprisingly, the recipe for making samosas has been searched the most.

In the food recipes, the recipe for making kleji was ranked second, while the recipe for making Sher Khurma was ranked third.

Surprisingly, the recipe for making samosas was most searched on Google by the residents of the federal capital, Islamabad, followed by users from Sindh province and third by Internet users from Punjab.

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