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10 Best Keyword Research Tools to Select Niche for Making Blog Website

by Walter

One has a myth the right keyword gives the right direction to succession. Keywords are crucial things to start a career in internet marketing. Right Keywords give a competitive advantage over competitors. If an organization successfully choose a keyword, then it will gain its objective as soon as possible. There are many tools for keyword research. Some of them are free and some of them are paid.

Here are Some Benefits of Keyword Research Tools

  • Save time
  • Make Competitive Strategy
  • Help in SEO Development
  • Help to improve organic ranking
  • Analyze Competitors Keyword
  • Look for keywords that have little competition.
  • Determine market possibilities and trends.
  • Increased clarity
  • Find fresh markets

Here are Some Best Keyword Research Tools

  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Semrush
  • KWFinder
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Spyfu
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Serpstat
  • Answer The Public
  • Majestic

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO toolset that comes with a Keyword Explorer that offers extremely detailed keyword data. It offers more than just keyword ideas by utilizing data from ten various search engines. It also gives details on search volume, ranking difficulty, and term mobility. The information it gives you about your competitors namely, which keywords they rank for but you don’t is quite helpful. New material can then be made using this information to target and draw in that traffic.

Here are Some Key Features:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SERP comparison
  • Page Inspect
  • Content Explorer
  • Batch Analysis
  • SERP updates
  • Web Explorer
  • Access management
  • API
  • Directory Listing

Ahrefs has four plans as of right now:

  • Lite, which has a monthly cost of $99
  • Standard, which has a monthly cost of $199
  • Advanced, which has a monthly fee of $399
  • Enterprise, which has a monthly fee of $999

2. Semrush

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Semrush is a platform that combines SEO and digital marketing, providing customers with tools and data to improve their online presence and marketing campaigns. It has tools that help organizations optimize their online strategy and raise the visibility of their websites, such as keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and competition research.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword Manager
  • Position Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Insights


  •  $99.95-449.95/month

3. KWFinder

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

With KWFinder, you may target longtail keywords that still drive focused traffic but can be easier to rank well for. You can use keyword research on your own website, but you can also use it to better understand the competition by looking at other websites’ ranks. In addition to offering search terms, KWFinder also offers a wealth of important parameters for keyword research, such as search volumes with historical data. This makes it possible to identify seasonal keywords and long-term trends, which you may schedule to target at the appropriate times.

Additionally, you can use location-based local keyword searches to examine local search trends and improve your ability to target clients—particularly those who are farther along in the sales funnel. Currently, the software can track more than 2.5 million keywords and more than 52,000 geolocations. While KWFinder may not be as robust as some other platforms for overall SEO, it is a great tool for keyword research.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Longtail target
  • Analysis of difficulty
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Tracking by season
  • Budget-friendly schemes

Pricing Plans

  • Mangools Entry cost of $19.90
  • Mangools Basic cost of $29.90
  • Mangools Premium cost of $44.90
  • Mangools Agency cost of $89.90

4. Google Keyword Planner

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

A free tool in Google Ads for researching keywords and organizing ad campaigns is Google Keyword Planner. For advertisers, SEO experts, and content producers trying to maximize their online strategy, it offers information on keyword search traffic, competitiveness, and forecasts.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Enhanced data precision
  • Access keyword data
  • integrated with Google Ads, such as search volume, competition, and cost.
  • Built as a pay-per-click keyword suggestion tool vs. an SEO keyword research tool
  • Database focused more on bottom-of-the-funnel search terms


  • Free

5. Google Trends

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Google Trends is possibly the most useful tool for keyword insights, even if Google has its own tool for suggesting keywords for PPC ads through Google Ads. This is especially true given how quickly the internet is evolving and changing, and being able to spot distinct trends in search behaviour early on may provide you a sustained competitive edge.

For instance, a sharp increase in search traffic for a specific good or service could present a chance to target customers via other marketing channels besides SEO. This was evident during the COVID-19 epidemic when a variety of search phrases pertaining to remote working software and devices such as laptops for work from home increased as a result of working from home. Even in ordinary circumstances, celebrity endorsements, the introduction of new products, and shifts in consumer behaviour which are frequently brought about by new technologies mean that recognizing these trends can be useful.

The largest window into this is arguably provided by Google Patterns, which not only lets users search for particular keywords and find the patterns related to them but also transparently displays current trends and highlights. This makes it possible for marketers to obtain important insights by directly accessing Google’s search data. Best of all, Google Trends is completely free to use, just like all of Google’s other SEO tools. The catch is that, in contrast to premium solutions, you probably won’t be able to deal with keywords by volume if you can’t connect to the Google Trends API, which raises the cost of development.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Google data
  • API


  • Free

6. SpyFu

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

SpyFu is an expert in offering a keyword database that includes terms from Google Adwords as well as organic ranks. As a result, a potent analytic and keyword research platform may be created by tracking competitors’ use of keywords and keyword variations in both organic and sponsored search.

The keyword research tool itself claims to be able to deliver more comprehensive insights than Google’s own keyword recommendation tool, and it can track both ranking and PPC campaign keywords. This implies that you can use both data sets as a source for your own keyword research.

Even better, you may focus on keywords that convert traffic more effectively by identifying transactional keywords, which allows for keyword quality rather than quantity. Additionally, you are able to discern between keywords used on desktop and mobile platforms. SpyFu is a considerably more complete keyword research tool than many SEO tools because it offers a large amount of PPC data for filtering, whereas many SEO tools prioritize organic search results.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Domain Search Results
  • Keyword Search Results
  • Backlinks Searches
  • Competitors Results
  • Keyword Group Results
  • Domain Comparisons (Kombat)
  • Exports for all search results
  • Export Advanced Sales Leads Info
  • Historical Data
  • Custom SEO & PPC Reports
  • API Access
  • Small Domain SEO Report
  • Medium Domain SEO Report
  • Large Domain SEO Report
  • Google Ads Advisor PPC Report


  • Basic plan cost of $39
  • Professional Plan cost of $79


7. Moz Keyword Explorer

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Moz is one of the major participants in the SEO tool market. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it has a keyword research tool. With strong keyword suggestions, predictive analytics, and extensive analytical tools, Moz Keyword Explorer is available in both a premium and free edition, with the latter limited to 10 searches each month. It also provides you with tools to find long-tail keywords and search queries, comprehensive information on SERPs, and recommendations to improve your ranking globally.

Why People Choose Moz

  • Find relevant keywords, improve your content, and monitor your rankings.
  • Find, monitor, and resolve technical SEO problems.
  • Keep an eye on your work, communicate with your team and/or clients clearly, and iterate.
  • To succeed, evaluate your competitors, find keyword gaps and SERP chances, and modify your approach.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Link Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Domain Overview
  • Site crawl
Cost: $79–599 per month

8. Serpstat

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

One excellent resource for exploring a variety of keyword searches and research choices is the Serpstat Keyword Research tool. One advantage is the ability to use URL analysis to do competition research and find keywords that might be absent from your campaigns. Furthermore, search queries can be used to investigate particular keyword niches, generate new keywords, and generate concepts for attracting relevant visitors to your website. The “tree-view” option is one of the more intriguing ways to observe how keywords are arranged on your pages. While most focus on particular keywords at a single page, occasionally, due to factors like becoming viral, a different page may end up with superior ranking potential. The purpose of this tool is to assist you in finding other helpful pages that could raise your targeted ranking for those keywords if they were targeted instead.

In addition to the ability to search for relevant terms, as with other tools, you can apply a number of filters to focus your selections on the most beneficial keywords.

Purpose for Buy:

  • Powerful tool for keywords
  • Several attributes
  • Reasonable prices
  • Perfect user interface
  • Features Of Serpstat
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Clustering


  • Individual cost of $50
  • Team cost of $100
  • Agency cost of $410

9. Answer The Public

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Answer The Public provides a novel approach to find popular search trends, giving you more inspiration to refine your keyword targeting. Even though over 3 billion searches are made on Google every day, up to 20% of these queries are unique and do not show up on conventional keyword difficulty and analysis platforms. You may increase the relevancy of your own SEO effort by using Answer the Public to view these significant queries and keyword recommendations.

This is due in part to the fact that you may learn more about what subjects people are searching for on Google as well as some insight into their thoughts. Because of this, Answer the Public is a useful resource for anyone working in marketing and public relations as well as SEO services. Better yet, you may test out the service for free with certain restrictions on the number of keyword searches you can do. Choosing a subscription plan gives you access to an infinite number of searches, users, and historical analytics, should you like what you see.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Unlimited daily searches
  • Monitor & get Alerted to new suggestions
  • Compare data over time
  • Create folders to organise your research
  • Export your results to CSV
  • Hide unwanted branches & suggestions
  • Export high-res images to present your insights

Price :

  • Individual Plan Cost of $5
  • Pro Plan Cost of $49
  • Expert Plan of $99

10. Majestic

10 Best keyword research tools to select niche for making blog website

Three keyword tools are part of Majestic’s SEO toolkit

  1. Keyword Generator: This can be used to find fresh keywords for targeted advertising and content ideas.
  2. Keyword Checker: It offers a comprehensive index with word and phrase tracking.
  3. Search Explore: It investigates keyword competition and offers a finer-grained perspective on ranking difficulty. Only Pro-level plans can access this.

Here are Some Key Features

  • Historical Index
  • Index Raw Data Exports for Mergers
  • Personal Reports
  • Compare Websites
  • History of Flow Metrics
  • Hunter Clique
  • History of Backlinks
  • Utilize Search Explorer
  • Distribute Campaigns
  • Email Notifications
  • Neighbourhood Network

Price Plan

  • Lite Plan Cost of $49.99
  • Pro Plan Cost of $99.99
  • API Plan Cost of$399.99

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