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Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

by Walter
Top 10 website Audit Tools

After thoroughly scanning every page on your website, Site Audit generates an overall SEO health score, presents important information in charts, identifies any potential SEO problems, and offers ideas for how to resolve them. Possess a sizable webpage? Not a problem. Verify your domain and adjust the speed options to crawl it quickly.

How to Evaluate a Business or Blog Website

  • Run a site audit tool through the URL of your website.
  • Look for technical mistakes.
  • Determine SEO issues.
  • Examine the UX and design.
  • Examine the content of websites.

Top 10 Essential Tools for making Business Website Audit Reports.

  1. SE Ranking
  2. Screaming Frog
  3. Netpeak Spider
  4. Sitechecker Website Crawler
  5. Ahrefs Site Audit
  6. Semrush
  7. Lumar
  8. Oncrawl
  9. Woorank
  10. SERPwizz

1. SE Ranking

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business


In addition to having one of the greatest tools for website audits, SE Ranking is a feature-rich SEO platform with a wide range of features for all things SEO. This program for website audits covers more than 120 site metrics that are divided into 16 groups.

Important Characteristics of SE Ranking:

  • Health number: This number indicates how many and how serious problems with the website—such as broken links, incorrect headings, and title tags have been found.
  • Website Errors Divided Into: The program groups problems according to how they might affect a website’s user experience and search engine ranking.

Advantages of SE Ranking:

  • Clear Prioritization: The application divides problems into Errors, Warnings, and Notices and offers a precise health score.
  • Effortless Progress Tracking: You can effortlessly gauge the effectiveness of your efforts by tracking your SEO progress over time with the tool’s “Crawl Comparison” and “Archive” features.
  • Flexible Data Presentation: The tool makes it simple to comprehend the SEO health of your website by presenting data in a way that works for you, whether you’re a manager, marketer, SEO expert, or novice.

Disadvantages of SE Ranking:

  • Data Explanation: Some users feel that certain data, such as how it is generated or computed, maybe better described, even if SE Ranking is commended for being user-friendly and having a gentle learning curve.
  • Absence of JavaScript rendering functionality. For websites that primarily rely on JavaScript, such as single-page applications, the lack of a JavaScript execution option in the tool can be fatal.
  • Limits for Website Audits: There can be restrictions on how many website audits you can complete, depending on your package.


  • Essential ($55/month),
  • Pro ($109/month),
  • Business ($239/month)

2. Screaming Frog

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

The SEO Spider from Screaming Frog is a strong and adaptable website crawler. SEO experts and agencies throughout the world rely on it. Large websites may be efficiently crawled by SEO Spider, which collects crucial onsite data to help with SEO decision-making.

Important Characteristics of Screaming Frog:

  • Numerous unique reports: Users get access to dozens of different reports, which range from summaries of combined website crawls to in-depth reports on a variety of topics, including structured data, internal links, canonical tags, hreflang tags, and much more.
  • Custom Settings: You can include or remove specific features from the tool’s functionality to suit your needs. This results in an extremely tailored auditing experience.

Advantages of Screaming Frog:

  • Wholesome Crawling: Howling The SEO Spider tool from Frog is well-known for its capacity to crawl webpages like that of Google.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: The program examines both basic and technical on-page problems in great detail. Users like being able to export issues for additional analysis and value its accuracy.
  • Advanced functions: The application is quite helpful for web scraping and data extraction because of its sophisticated search and extraction functions

Disadvantages of Screaming Frog:

  • Outdated Interface: A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with the interface, saying it is not as user-friendly as they would want.
  • Crawl Speed: Some users find the 20 URLs per second maximum crawl speed to be too slow and would want to see it improved.
  • Absence of a Health Score: Users are unable to rapidly assess the general health or advancement of a site using the tool’s health score feature.


  • Free (The free plan includes up to 500 URLs)
  • Paid ($259/year)

3. Netpeak Spider

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

With its advanced website analysis capabilities, Netpeak Checker is one of this platform’s most promising tools. Using SERP scraping, this tool makes it easier to compare multiple websites and provides you with a competitive analysis of your sites.

Important Characteristics of Netpeak Spider:

  • Website Error Detection: Netpeak Spider’s crawling speed and efficiency are built in. Potential problems including broken links, incorrectly sized images, and redundant information are detected.
  • Custom parameters: In addition to preset default templates, Netpeak Spider provides custom templates for crawling parameters, filters, and segments.
  • Internal PageRank Checker: This built-in tool assists you in determining and modeling link weight distribution, as well as identifying problems with internal linking

Advantages of Netpeak Spider:

  • Efficiency and quickness: Netpeak Spider receives accolades for its effectiveness and quickness, particularly while navigating huge websites
  • Customization: Users like how much Netpeak Spider can be customized. Users can save time by using this tool to specify the particular criteria they want to verify, allowing them to concentrate on the issues that matter most to them.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Support: Users have expressed gratitude for the tool’s user-friendly interface and helpful customer support staff.

Disadvantages of Netpeak Spider:

  • Restricted Platform Support: Unfortunately for Mac users, the tool is only compatible with Windows at this time.
  • Absence of an Online Version: To use Netpeak Spider’s website auditing software on any computer, users would want an online version


  • The $7 monthly Starter plan comes with an annual billing of $84.
  • The $12 monthly advanced plan, which comes with an annual billing of $144
  • The Pro Bundle is appropriate; it costs $22 per month and $264 per year.

4. Sitechecker Website Crawler

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

The Website Crawler from Sitechecker is a cloud-based tool for in-depth technical SEO examination. It swiftly checks websites for technical problems and offers a prioritized to-do list along with thorough instructions on how to resolve them.

Important Characteristics of Sitechecker Website Crawler:

  • Website Errors Detection: The Sitechecker Website Crawler is highly proficient in identifying a broad range of technical problems that may hinder the growth of organic search traffic
  • Custom Settings: There are several crawling options available with this tool. Users have the option to exclude particular URLs, categories, and checks from the crawling process, or to specify rules that guarantee all sites and mistakes are found.
  • Website Score: A website’s technical health is comprehensively indicated by its Website Score. It is based on a website’s page count as well as the problems that both the site and individual pages have.

Advantages of Sitechecker Website Crawler:

  • Extensive Technical SEO Analysis: Sitechecker offers an extensive technical SEO analysis. It swiftly checks webpages for technical problems and offers a prioritized to-do list along with comprehensive instructions on how to resolve any found mistakes.
  • User-friendly Interface: Sitechecker’s wide array of useful features and user-friendly interface have been highly commended by users.
  • Cost-effective: Reviewers have pointed out that Sitechecker provides excellent value at a reasonable price.

Disadvantages of Sitechecker Website Crawler:

  • Lack of Clarity in Mobile Results: Users have complained that it is difficult to tell the difference between mobile and PC results due to the section’s vagueness in the mobile results.
  • Limited Functionality: The Website Crawler from Sitechecker has fewer functions than those of other SEO tools.
  • Limited Value for Money: Although Sitechecker presents itself as a one-stop shop for SEO solutions, the products it offers pale in comparison to those on this list


  • Basic: The monthly cost of this plan is $39, or $390 annually.
  • Standard: The monthly cost of this plan is $149, or $1490 annually. Small agencies and internal professionals can use it.
  • Premium: The monthly cost of this plan is $229, or $2490 annually.

5. Ahrefs Site Audit

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

One of the most widely used cloud-based SEO site audit tools is Ahrefs’ Site Audit. It is a part of Ahrefs, one of the biggest and most sophisticated SEO tools available. This tool thoroughly scans webpages to identify on-page SEO and technical problems.

Important Characteristics of Ahrefs Site Audit:

  • Website Errors Detection: Ahrefs’ Site Audit is excellent at finding a variety of technical problems that might obstruct the increase of organic search traffic
  • Health Score: This SEO site audit tool offers a thorough SEO health score by visually displaying important information, pointing out any SEO problems, and offering solutions.
  • Comparing Audit Results: Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool offers a simple toggle function to allow you to monitor your progress between crawls in addition to automatically saving each crawl.

Advantages of Ahrefs Site Audit:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Ahrefs’ website audit is frequently rated as one of the best available website auditing programs.
  • JavaScript Rendering Capabilities: The dynamic HTML created by JavaScript on contemporary websites is skillfully handled by Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool.
  • Dashboard in Multiple Languages: Ahrefs offers a dashboard in thirteen languages.
  • Interface usability: Ahrefs is commended for its user-friendliness and straightforward navigation. For a tool this comprehensive, this is essential.

Disadvantages of Ahrefs Site Audit:

  • No Free Trial: Ahrefs offers some free tools, however their paid subscription toolkit is not available for free trial.
  • Confusing Pricing Mechanism: Some users may find Ahrefs’ pricing mechanism to be deceptive, and for larger projects, it may prove to be an expensive tool.
  • High Cost: Ahrefs is one of the more costly tools available, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing the commercial version.


  • Lite: Priced at $99 monthly
  • Standard: At $199 per month
  • Advanced: It costs $399 per month

6. Semrush

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

Semrush is one of the most well-known and potent SEO tools out there today, and one of its essential components is the Site Audit tool. The purpose of the Site Audit tool is to carry out thorough SEO assessments, identifying and ranking technical problems with your website.

Important Characteristics of Semrush:

  • Finding Technical and SEO Faults on Your Website: Semrush’s Site Audit is excellent at finding faults on your website.
  • Custom Settings: There is a lot of customization available with the Semrush Site Audit tool. You can decide how many pages should be crawled and whether to audit the domain, subdomain, or subfolder.
  • Site Audit Statistics: A summary report highlighting important SEO data, such as the proportion of pages with proper markup, relevant status codes, and canonical tags, is provided by Semrush’s Site Audit tool.

Advantages of Semrush:

  • Extensive SEO Insights: The Semrush Site Audit tool examines your website in great detail and provides comprehensive insight into both technical and SEO elements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Semrush is renowned for having an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to both novice and seasoned SEO experts, even with its vast capabilities.

Disadvantages of Semrush:

  • Extensive Cost: The price of Semrush is one of its primary disadvantages. Since it’s among the priciest SEO solutions on the market, small firms and individuals with a tight marketing budget may find it prohibitive.
  • Overwhelmingly Ampleity of Features and Data: Semrush provides an extensive range of features and information that may be overpowering.


  • Pro: This plan costs $129.95 per month.
  • Guru: This plan is priced at $249.95 per month.
  • Business: This plan costs $499.95 per month.

7. Lumar

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

Lumar, formerly called DeepCrawl, is a sophisticated tool made to make comprehensive technical website audits easier. It offers “website intelligence,” which is the ability to integrate the teams, data, and insights required for a high-performing, revenue-generating website.

Important Characteristics of Lumar:

  • Website Errors Detection: Even for huge enterprise websites, Lumar’s Analyze function makes conducting website audits easier.
  • Custom Settings: Lumar gives your teams advanced segmentation tools so they may focus on important parts of your website, such as product pages, categories, or particular regions.

Advantages of Lumar:

  • Extensive Reporting: Lumar provides unmatched reporting depth, addressing all the needs of a technical SEO specialist, including identifying significant difficulties with crawling, rendering, and indexing.
  • Detailed Analysis: Compared to most common SEO tools, Lumar provides a more thorough, clear, and sophisticated analysis.
  • Better Visualizations: Compared to many other tools, Lumar’s precise data visualizations have received high appreciation from users for their increased engagement.

Disadvantages of Lumar:

  • Cost Concerns: Although Lumar doesn’t publicly reveal its prices, some consumers have brought attention to what they believe to be a hefty price.
  • Contractual Obligations: Several customers have complained that Lumar made it difficult for them to quit their agreement because the company insisted on keeping them on for a long time.


  • Essentials ($199/month),
  • Business (custom),
  • Enterprise (custom)

8. Oncrawl

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

A well-known technical SEO tool for enterprise SEO audits and continuous monitoring is called Oncrawl. Its goal is to help companies improve their organic traffic, rankings, and income by demystifying Google’s algorithms.

Important Characteristics of Semrush:

  • Website Errors Detection: With the ability to analyze over 300 million URLs every crawl, OnCrawl is regarded as one of the industry’s most reliable web crawlers.
  • Custom Settings: The platform may be fully customized to meet even the most demanding needs. It can handle complex features like DNS overriding, virtual robots.txt files, lists of URLs, and JavaScript crawling.

Advantages of Oncrawl:

  • Robust Crawler: OnCrawl has been called the “biggest crawler in the SEO industry” by one user.
  • Extensive Data Extraction: Users like having the ability to retrieve schemas, open graph tags, and other crucial information for SEO audits.

Disadvantages of Oncrawl:

  • Lack of Clearly Definable Pricing Information: Detailed pricing information is not readily available. Certain clients may find this to be troublesome.
  • Data Overload: Some users, particularly those who are non-technical or new to the tool, may find the amount of information displayed overwhelming due to the platform’s vast feature set and numerous data points.


  • Explorer: This bundle is intended for consultants and internal search engine optimization experts on a tight budget.
  • Business: This bundle is designed for growing SEO agencies and SMBs. It has two projects and has a crawl capacity of up to 500,000 URLs.
  • Infinite & Beyond: This plan is intended for enterprise websites and big SEO agencies. You have complete customization control over how many URLs and projects it contains.

9. Woorank

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

It gives us a broad report with a % figure that indicates how to enhance it. It also gives you power by pointing out instant victories. To diagnose problems and give you solutions, WooRank schedules prioritizes, and organizes your data. It also automates web crawls.

Important Characteristics of Woorank:

  • The most recent site crawls enable the provision of more informed SEO judgments.
  • It shows information regarding indexed pages, site traffic, and both internal and external search engine optimization.

Advantages of Woorank:

  • Integration with Multiple Data Sources
  • Unique Features

Disadvantages of Woorank:

  • Complex User Interface
  • High level of data


  • The 14-day free trial is the only time the free option is available.

10. SERPwizz

Top 10 Essential Tools to Make Website Audit Report for Business

One SEO toolkit that has a ton of auditing features is called SERPwizz. The most crucial components of your website, such as title tags, links, indexing problems, backlinks, and XML sitemaps, are examined by the audit tool.

Important Characteristics of SERPwizz:

  • Lead generation tool on their website.
  • Dashboard alongside information about their website
  • Personalized experience.

Advantages of SERPwizz:

  • Clear Dashboard Presentation
  • Easy Data Download

Disadvantages of SERPwizz:

  • Overwhelming Amount of Information
  • Lack of Transparent Pricing


  • The monthly subscription to SERPwizz begins at $19. All features, integrations, and the capacity to white-label reports are included in the $99 monthly pro plan.

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