Top 10 YouTube marketing tools

Top 10 YouTube marketing tools to build SEO optimize Business Channel

After Google, YouTube has 2.5 billion active monthly users, making it the second most popular website. With such a sizable viewership, you may be persuaded to start a YouTube channel. And it is a very fantastic idea!

We are eager to see your fantastic stuff because we know you are a talented person. To reap the greatest rewards from YouTube, however, channel maintenance is just as crucial.

Why is YouTube optimization necessary?

An extremely well-liked search engine is YouTube. After Google, it is the second most widely used search engine worldwide. Conversely, Google enjoys YouTube videos. A Google search reveals that video material is distinguished from the other results. Your YouTube videos will rank higher in internal searches on Google and YouTube if you concentrate on using the appropriate keywords and tags.

For this reason, we have put together a list of the top 10 YouTube optimization tools that you can use to increase your ranks and gain more YouTube subscribers without having to invest a lot of time in creating videos. If you consider videos to be the most watched content across all social media platforms, you can concentrate on making the greatest and most optimized videos for YouTube. Then, to expand your audience and gain more followers, you ought to share them on social media. However, making movies searchable is challenging because there are more than 2 billion individuals on the Internet.

There are lots of YouTube marketing tools to build SEO optimize Business Channels. Now we will discuss the top 10 YouTube marketing tools to build SEO optimize Business Channel. They are:

  • Mentionlytics
  • VidIQ
  • Agorapulse
  • Canva
  • TubeBuddy
  • Buzzsumo
  • Biteable
  • YouTube Audio Library
  • Social Blade
  • Tubics

1. Mentionlytics


Mentionlytics is a fantastic YouTube marketing tool that compiles crucial data automatically for you. You may use these crucial data points and insights to help you create a successful YouTube marketing plan.

Features of Mentionlytics:

Trend Identification: It helps you plan some of the best advertisements by pointing out current trends in the sector.

Mention Analytics: In-depth social interaction produced from mentions on the channel.

Analyze the sentiment expressed in the comments on your YouTube videos to get a sense of the attitude of the audience. This can assist in addressing any issues or comments and comprehending how the audience responds to the information.

Benchmarking in competition: Examine how your channel is performing in comparison to rivals. Check out how your videos stack up against others on similar channels in terms of engagement, views, and growth.

Partnering with YouTube Influencers: Look for possible YouTube influencers in your area of expertise to work with. Look for influencers with audiences that are similar to your target market and who have worked well together in the past.


The monthly price is $69 at launch.

Get a complimentary two-week trial of Mentionlytics, complete with all features!


A recognized YouTube marketing tool, VidIQ assists you in promoting your business in the most distinctive manner possible. Although having a large number of subscribers is significant to many marketers, it presents you in a different way to the target market.

Features of VidIQ:

Utilize highly searched keywords to increase organic reach.

Utilizing the audit tool, you may fine-tune your channel approach by determining what works.

Utilize VidIQ to gain valuable industry insights by keeping an eye on rivals’ video tactics.

Compare video performance velocities and receive real-time feedback by utilizing the compare view feature.


Monthly pricing begins at $7.50.


Another excellent tool for YouTube marketing that makes your job easier is Agorapulse. It facilitates content scheduling, essential report generation, and large follower engagement.

Features of Agorapulse:

It provides a distinct social inbox for managing messages and comments on YouTube, making conversation tracking simple.

You can use the limitless reports to assess the return on investment of your YouTube marketing efforts.

It has a unique feature that tracks followers and assists in identifying trolling and unfavorable remarks.


Monthly pricing is as low as €69.


As you are aware, feature photos and thumbnails are important in drawing visitors. One of the greatest resources for producing stunning and powerful feature images is Canva.

Features of Canva:

With Canva, you can easily make your advertisements and access a vast library of free design content.

You can choose from a variety of styles and layouts for any occasion.

It includes a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for you to make stunning images for your channel. It works well for bespoke branding as well.

In addition to the previously mentioned, you may enhance your images with a vast collection of fonts, drawings, and stock photos.


Monthly pricing begins at €11.99.


TubeBuddy is your true friend if you’re searching for an excellent YouTube marketing solution for channel administrators. You may acquire a mobile app and browser extension here for free that will assist you in properly integrating into your channel.

Features of TubeBuddy:

With TubeBuddy, you can locate popular video subjects and high-performing keywords for your channel.

You can create engaging and memorable tags and titles for your videos.

It assists you in making excellent thumbnails for your videos and guarantees ideal practices to bring in a ton of viewers to your channel.

TubeBuddy reduces the publishing time in half if you are tired of the extremely time-consuming publishing process. You’ll find it easier to manage publishing time with this tool.


Monthly pricing begins at $7.5.


You can discover top-performing content for your channel using Buzzsumo, an amazing tool for YouTube marketing. To identify the material that is most effective for them, marketers are increasingly driven to this technique these days.

Features of Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo creates a clever content strategy and makes it easier to comprehend the YouTube algorithm.

You become familiar with high-performing material in your niche that has the potential to draw a sizable, niche audience to your channel.

It finds well-known YouTube influencers to help you market your business and initiative.

You may monitor audience feedback and current trends in your business with Buzzsumo. This tool will assist you in taking advantage of chances and quickly responding to your audience.


Monthly pricing begins at $199.


The YouTube marketing tool you would require is called Biteable. You can use this tool to make eye-catching animations and video content to entice viewers.

Features of Biteable:

You may make beautiful and perfect videos using the vast collection of almost 8,00,000 stock footage that is available to you.

With Biteable, you can quickly edit your films and, if you choose to upgrade, add unique watermarks.

It is simple to use and has a variety of eye-catching layouts for your pictures and videos.

In addition, you have access to social sharing tools that let you share content with millions of users across several social media networks.


Monthly pricing is $99 at launch.

YouTube Audio Library

Another marketing tool that gives you royalty-free music for your films is the YouTube Audio Library. You can use a wide range of music from its collection in your work.

Features of YouTube Audio Library:

There is a huge selection of free music available to you for your videos.

It provides a high-level division of music into many genres. You can start with dance and electronic music if you have an explanation video.

If you’re worried about the duration of the video, the YouTube Audio Library is fantastic. The duration filter allows you to target specific tracks.


The monthly price is $29, to begin with.

Social Blade

The best YouTube marketing tool for you would be Social Blade. You can monitor user statistics on several social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, with Social Blade.

Features of   Social Blade:

You can increase your YouTube video ranking and grow your subscriber base by creating a fantastic channel.

It has filters that enable you to locate well-liked influencers in your niche and pinpoint precisely the topics you want to ask.

With their advice, the YouTube-certified staff can assist you in expanding your channel and reaching new heights.

In addition, you receive advice on how to create content and expand your network within the industry.


Monthly pricing begins at $3.34.


Use Tubics to increase the number of views you receive on YouTube. With its data-driven concepts, this amazing tool simplifies your YouTube marketing.

Features of Tubics:

You receive recommendations immediately regarding the performance of your channel. or how your viewers react to your films and how they see you.

By automating chores that can be completed in half the time, it saves you time.

By adhering to the practical SEO checklist, you may use Tubics to enhance your SEO rankings and expand your YouTube channel.

Real-time content analysis is available. It informs you if there are sufficient keywords added in the appropriate locations.

To make your movies SEO-friendly, Tubics also assists you in optimizing the tags, titles, and YouTube descriptions.


Starting monthly at €490, the price

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